Baozhong was awarded the most investment value of the three new board company.

Recently, the Fujian cnfol.com online Network Inc held in cnfol.com selection 2015 annual gold online financial rankings awards ceremony.
Our board chairman Mr.Li Zhenen,cooperate secretary Ms. Xu Lihua were invited to participate in the ceremony, and reclaim "Haixi the most investment value of new board" plaque and certificate of honor.
"cnfol.com" is the brand of Fujian gold online Network Inc. Its relying on a strong, advanced financial information database, user information database and the amount of millions of visits to establish a leading position in the domestic financial vertical sites.
Currently, the cnfol.com daily visits of more than 30 million, ranked in the forefront of the domestic financial categories.

Baozhong QEO management system to monitor the countdown to the countdown

Our since the establishment of integrated management system, always think of the job management system is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of the company, promote the enterprise in quality control, environmental protection, occupational health and safety aspects of the ability to manipulate and enhance communication between departments, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the work of the company, and further enhance the company's market competitiveness.
A few days ago, in accordance with the procedures required I have to China Classification Society certification company Fuzhou branch submitted to the quality, environment, occupational health and safety integrated management system (QEO) supervision and audit application.
From March onwards, all departments have entered the stage of preparation to meet the audit. Seriously do not relax, mainly obtains from the system account, record form, a complete, accurate self re check, ensure compliance of accounting, form. Repair department assign experienced auditor Chen Zhang Wen the system looking back "and" re examination ", so as to effectively promote the accounting quality. Safety and quality department to increase shipbuilding department audit work guidance, Li Anquan site to help solve the problem.
At present, all departments are full of work state of mind, to enter the final sprint trial, and strive to smooth through the supervision and audit in April.

We has obtained the second level secrecy qualification unit

Fujian Baozhong Ocean Engineering Co,Ltd (Stock Name: Baozhong Ocean),on 22nd Dec,2015,with higher score it became the research and production unit for National Defense Weapon Equipment, the second level secrecy qualification unit of Secrecy Qualification Certification Committee. On 18th Jan 2016, Fujian Military Secrecy Qualification Certification Committee has approved Baozhong Ocean as the second level secrecy qualification unit. Valid from 28th Dec 2015-27th Dec 2020.

Second level military confidentiality qualification is the highest level of private enterprises in the military product development, production, and made the qualification is a necessary prerequisite for enterprises to enter the field of military products, to become a research and development unit of military products. The company achieved two military confidential qualifications, indicating that the company meets the conditions.

Our experts compiled the "repair price list" (red booklet draft) was adopted

January 14, China Shipbuilding Industry Association repair branch issued a circular No. 1 revision, bulletin pointed out that by our experts compiled the repair price table "(this version of a draft for discussion) is adopted, and in the repairing club members and experts were consulted.

Baozhong attend the third session of the Fujian Boat Association Third Council

Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Association and the third session of the Third Council on 25 January 2016 in Fuzhou (province golden hill sanatorium Ruihe floor) held. Baozhong Chairman Li Zhenen and Vice General-Manager Luo Xiaodong, attended the meeting. To the in person meeting and Fujian shipbuilding Association Honorary President Mr.Chen Mingyi, Mr.Shi Xinkai, specially invited senior advisor Mr. Chen Jinhai, the previous President Mr.Xie Zuomin.

President Mr. Zhan Yi presided over the Council and made a report entitled to promote the platform construction, improve service efficiency, the work report. The Council also considered and passed three reports and three motion.


Baozhong 2016 Annual meeting

On 22nd Jan 2016,BOE organise Annual meeting for new year.

With Top 10 excellent employee awarding ceremony, Top 10 News for BOE,the 1st Mobile Photography Competition awarding ceremony.

Excellent show, take parts from <<Journey to the West>>,music “Dare to Ask Where is the Road”

<<Flirting Scholar>> makes all employees are enjoy the moment

Baozhong make a promise to continues go head

Send Fai Chun and Angpau to all employee,it’s best wishes for all employee

Top 10 excellent employee awarding ceremony


Board immigration ship has deliver smoothly

The board immigration ship has passing the inspection and delivery to Fujian frontier corps, this ship is designed by aluminium alloy,Outline design majesty, concise, With the characteristics of "stability, anti sedimentation, anti wind" and so on.The accuracy of speed will improve frontier corps. It is milestone for BOE shipbuilding quality.


Baozhong Hainan branch start operation

Baozhong Hainan branch office has registered at local authority, and start operation on 18th Jan 2016.
Address: Room 802, Unit 2, Building 3,Yangpu Economic Development Zone ,Hainan, China.
Tel:+86 13322096375
Fax:+86 898-28828768

About Yangpu Economic Development Zone
It has 25 berths with 15 shipping lines to Singapore, Vietnam and the Middle East, and is the biggest import and export port in the South China Sea.